Thursday, August 6, 2015

Review: Missha The Style Beautiful Tint in Moisture Red

Identifying Information
Product name: Missha The Style Beautiful Tint in Moisture Red 
Price: PhP 599.00
Description: "Give your lips both moisture and color with this Beautiful Tint Gloss. The soft brush tip makes it easy to apply. The ingredient, Xylitol, gives your lips a cool and refreshing feeling. Choose from different colors to express your look of the day, whether that may be lovely, casual, or elegant." (taken from Missha US website)
Product Origin: Korea
Where I bought it: Missha, SM Center Pasig (Formerly known as SM Supercenter Pasig; I usually just call it SM Hypermarket though. Guess I was calling it wrong the whole time hahaha. >.<)
History: This Missha lip tint was one of the lip products included in the video of Meejmuse (Jen Kim) entitled Must-Have Holy Grail Korean Products. I wanted to link the video here but unfortunately it was taken down by YouTube for reasons I don't really know. Jen reuploaded the video so here it is. I passed by Missha during one of my regular trips to SM Center with my boyfriend to check if they had it and they did so I immediately bought it. Aaahh, watching YouTube videos and reading blog reviews make me want a lot of makeup products! Anyway, I've had this for several months now and though I don't use it regularly (because I have numerous lip products waaahh), I do like it! 

Physical Examination: 
Missha The Style Beautiful Tint box front

Missha The Style Beautiful Tint box back
Missha The Style Beautiful Tint bottle
Missha The Style Beautiful Tint text on bottle
Missha The Style Beautiful Tint brush applicator
Missha The Style Beautiful Tint hand swatch freshly applied
Freshly applied.
Missha The Style Beautiful Tint hand swatch starting to set
After a few minutes it's starting to set.
Missha The Style Beautiful Tint hand swatch
Blended and set. I tried rubbing it off but it didn't budge.
Missha The Style Beautiful Tint lip swatch
Missha The Style Beautiful Tint lip swatch
How it looks like under sunlight. The tint is completely dry here.
Ingredients: Natural Botanical Colorants (Safflower Extract, Gardenia Extract), 33 Flower Extracts, Hyaluronic Acid
*Paraben-Free, Talc-Free, Mineral Oil-Free, Silicon-Free, Benzophenon-Free, Phthalate-Free, Xylitol
*Does not contain ingredients derived from animals.

Salient Features
  • Glossy upon application but sets to a matte finish
    • Doesn't transfer once it sets
    • Doesn't make lips feel dry or tight immediately (please see the first negative point below)
  • Feels weightless on the lips
    • It literally tints your lips with color. It doesn't feel like you have anything sitting on top of your lips.
  • Beautiful and classy packaging
    • It comes in a pink and silver box that matches the color of the bottle. The bottle itself is so nice to look at!
  • Pretty color despite it not being red in my eyes
    • It's labelled as red but the box, the bottle and the tint are pink. Still, the color is pretty and flattering.
  • Retouching is quick and fuss free
  • Comes with a brush applicator
    • This makes for an easy application on the lips.
  • Bottle has an effective rubber stopper
    • Stops the brush from picking up too much product so there is no wastage
  • Did not cause any allergic reactions
  • Feels drying on the lips after a few hours
    • When it's freshly applied, it doesn't feel drying at all; however, after a few hours (~3 hours) of wear it tends to make my lips feel dry. To avoid this, lip balm can be used on top of the tint. 
  • Not very long-lasting
    • Looks good for about 3-4 hours with eating and drinking involved
  • Retail price here in the Philippines is almost double than that in Korea
    • Missha here in the Philippines sells their products with almost double or even triple the price in Korea. Of course I'm fully aware that they pay for shipping, taxes, rent, and other overhead expenses but other Korean makeup brands here in the Philippines do not have as big of a mark-up as they do. This exorbitant pricing of their products is a weakness of theirs in my opinion.
  • Not easily accessible
    • There are only a few Missha retail stores here in Metro Manila but they do offer online shopping with free shipping for purchases amounting to at least PhP 1000.00.  
Impression/Rating: 8/10

Discussion: I LOVE lip tints! They are my favorite type of lip product ever and as such they are a staple in my makeup kit. Lip tints are not sticky and so they don't transfer much. You can apply them and get on with your day without having to regularly check your lips for smearing or whatever. They provide natural looking, healthy color on the lips and are generally affordable. This Missha The Style Beautiful Tint is exactly what it's named: beautiful. Whether you're going for the cute Korean gradient lip style or a full-on tinted lip, this will do the job for you. :) 

Prognosis: Missha The Style Beautiful Tint is an excellent lip product. It's not the best I've tried but it's definitely one of the good ones. Will I repurchase this? I'm not quite sure because I'm always looking for new lip products to try, especially lip tints! Korean brands are always releasing new kinds of lip products that call out my name~ Seriously, despite having a lot of lip tints, lipsticks, tinted lip balms, etc. I am always tempted to purchase more! This addiction is bad! If you're thinking of trying out lip products from Missha, this is a good start. :) 

*I will impose a makeup purchase ban on myself... after I get the lip tints I want from The Face Shop and Tony Moly! Hohohohoho
*My favorite lip tints are from Tony Moly.^^

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