About the BLOG

Figibank = Figi + piggybank

The name started out as a cute joke during my Economics class in senior high school. I found it pretty catchy so I decided to use it as my email address. When I ran for student council back in college, (guess for what positionhaha YES! Treasurer! :D) I used it during the campaign. The name has stayed with me since then and has become part of my identity so I decided to use it here on my blog.

My main purpose for creating this blog is to provide reviews of the different makeup and skincare products that I own. In the reviews that I make, I will also provide makeup and skincare tips based on my knowledge, experience and research.

Makeup and skincare are two things I'm really interested in. I love reading and watching reviews on products I'm thinking of buying or those that are new in the market. In this blog, I hope to share my thoughts and maybe help someone like me who's always looking for reviews.

Please bear in mind that the products that may have worked for me may not work the same for you. Even if they have not caused any allergic reactions or acne breakouts on me, they may have ingredients that you are allergic to or cause you to breakout. Please practice due diligence in trying out makeup and skincare products.

For any medical concerns, please visit your doctor. ;)

Starting September 9, 2015, I will be using (and showing) a product rating matrix for the impressions/ratings of the products I review. I patterned this on the Internal Factors Matrix (Strategic Management? MBA? hohoho). This will enable me to show how I come up with the scores and for me to be more objective. The matrix is as shown below:
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, efficacy is the power to produce a desired result or effect. Does the product deliver on its claims? Does it serve its purpose? Is an anti-acne product improving the condition of my acne-prone skin? Quality has many definitions but I'm using these: superiority in kind, a distinguishing attribute, degree of excellence. In this criterion, I am looking at the ingredients of a product, how it works with other things I use, how it feels/smells/looksbasically all the other attributes of the product aside from the rest of the criteria. When it comes to evaluating the price, I believe it's still very subjective. If I find enough value in the product that for me warrants its price (whether it be expensive or not), then I would give it a high rating in this criterion. The last two criteria are pretty self-explanatory. The criteria are arranged based on their weight, i.e. how important they are to me. :) I talk about the product's positive and negative traits in the Salient Features and my ratings are based on the stuff I write there.