About FIGI

Hi, I'm Figi! Welcome to my blog!

I am a 27 year old, skincare and makeup obsessed Filipina who graduated with the degrees MD and MBA. During my high school and college years I wanted to become a dermatologist. After going through medical school, clerkship and internship, I found that I'm also interested in Obstetrics-Gynecology and Emergency Medicine. Right now I'm thinking about going into Dermatology or EM. :)

Update (19 SEP 2016): I passed my licensure examination back in March and I am now a licensed physician here in the Philippines. I'm currently working as a medical writer for a company here in Metro Manila. ;)

Skincare and beauty products became interesting to me when I was in elementary. I used to watch (and sometimes I still do!) my mother put on makeup and do her nightly beauty rituals and I found it fascinating. My mother always makes sure that she looks presentable whenever she goes out, no matter where she goes. My mom does not look her age and I'm proud of that! I could definitely say that my growing interest in skincare and beauty products was greatly inspired by my mother. :)

I am also very much into Kpop or Korean Pop. The group that I love the most is BIGBANG (But they don't really classify themselves as a Kpop act; they're Korean music artists. ^_~). My ultimate bias is Kwon Ji-yong a.k.a. G-Dragon. In a short span of time I've grown to love WINNER a lot and now my Top 2 bias is Song Minho!♥ I also love SHINee! Ah, Taemin and Onew! My Kpop girl crushes are Kim HyunA (4Minute), Goo Hara (KARA) and Yura (Girl's Day). Some of the other groups I like are EXO, Girl's Day, 4Minute, SNSD, BTS, and KARA. When it comes to solo acts, I like NS Yoon G and Jay Park. I like Jay Park's music style because he's into R&B and hiphop and those were the genres of music I liked before I started with Kpop. ♥ 

My skincare and makeup choices have been influenced by my love for Kpop. I love the Korean style of makeup and I think it suits me better than Western style makeup. I tried Korean products and fell in love because they are affordable, have great quality and come in cute packaging. Despite having this preference, I still try products from other brands. I'm all for good and reasonably priced items!

I like fixing myself up and making myself look presentable because it gives my self-confidence a boost and it's something I enjoy doing. I also like applying makeup on my friends, teaching them basics, and giving them tips on makeup and skincare. Helping others look good and feel good about themselves gives me satisfaction. :)

Skin type/issues:
  • oily, acne-prone
  • (+) post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, redness
  • NC 15-20, Laneige shade #21
  • Type III based on the Fitzpatrick scale - this is based on a person's genetic disposition and his/her skin's reaction to UV exposure
    • My score falls under type III but is almost type IV :) Type III is the most common but I believe most Filipinos fall under Type IV.
    • Read more about the Fitzpatrick phototype scale here, here, here and here.
*I am not a writer but I do enjoy typing my patient write-ups even though it can get stressful at times. Patient write-ups and blogging aren't the same so... please bear with me. Haha. I just try to express my thoughts in a clear and simple manner. :)