Tuesday, September 28, 2010

REVIEW: Etude House Oh~m' Eye Line and other eyeliners

Etude House Oh~m' Eye Line black liquid eyeliner
Etude House Oh~m' Eye Line black liquid eyeliner applicator

Etude House Oh~m' Eye Line black liquid eyeliner brush applicator
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The product: Etude House Oh~m' Eye Line black liquid eyeliner
Price: CORRECTION: Based on Etude House Ph website, this eyeliner costs only 198pesos not 398pesos as I posted earlier. Sorry for that! Mianhae!
Rating: 10/10
Where I bought it: Etude House, SM Megamall Bldg. A
(+): Long lasting, doesn't smudge, good quality, waterproof (even if it doesn't say so on the packaging or I just couldn't read Hangul? Hahaha.), relatively easy to apply, comes off easily with make up removers, doesn't irritate my eyes
(-): Takes a bit of practice to apply because it is a brush-type liquid eyeliner but once you get the hang of it, it's easy to use! I really don't have any complaints about it. ;)

Eyeliners (together with eye shadows) used to intimidate me. When I was in 1st year or 2nd year college I had a pencil eyeliner which I rarely used because I found it complicated. I tried experimenting by myself but I got impatient and gave up. Come 3rd year though, I bought a felt-tip liquid eyeliner from The Face Shop. I used it more often than the pencil ones but still not as often as I do now. :) I finished up two eyeliners from TFS before I started exploring other brands.

My love for KPOP ignited my love for eyeliners. ♥

One product I tried was Maybelline's felt-tip liquid eyeliner. I loved how it was so easy to use and how it was very pigmented. It was as if I was literally just using a marker on my eyelids. It didn't smudge but it wasn't waterproof making it not suitable for hot, humid days and of course for rainy days too. I also tried their gel eyeliner which I still haven't finished up yet. It's a wonderful product--it's smudge proof, waterproof, and long lasting but I don't know why I take so much time applying it on my eyelids. >.< I also tried using a pencil eyeliner from a local brand, Ever Bilena, but it was kind of difficult to apply. It tugged on my eyelids when applying and that is a no-no when it comes to our eyes. Our eyelids are the the thinnest skin on our body and tugging on them can cause premature wrinkles.

*I'd love to talk more about some other eyeliners I've tried, but maybe I'll reserve those for future reviews. This entry is getting very long already anyway so, yeah. ;)

Etude House is a Korean make up brand that opened their first shop here in the Philippines late last year. One word to describe it is PINK. It's a very cute pink-filled shop and their products come in equally cute packagings as well. Their prices are relatively cheaper compared to other Korean make up brands. I can't comment on how their quality differs from other Korean brands though because I didn't try out enough products from other shops. Mianhe.

Anyway, I like using this eyeliner of theirs. Like I said above, I find it easy to use. It's well pigmented, smudge proof and water proof making it a good buy. ^.^

I like how eyeliners emphasize the eyes, making them seem bolder and more beautiful. And even though I have issues with my eyes (I plan on consulting an oculoplastic surgeon someday) I grew to love eyeliners so much!

Don't be intimidated by eyeliners. Go ahead and practice applying it on your eyelids and see how much of a change it can bring to your face. It will make your eyes pop, emphasizing your beautiful eyes and making it seem as though you have full, thick eyelashes. You can start with pencil eyeliners because those are the easiest to handle and mistakes aren't so obvious. ;) I'm no expert when it comes to eyeliners or eye make up but whatever I know about make up application now I credit to self experimentation and YOUTUBE videos! :)

***You can check out Etude House Philippines' website for more info and product list & prices! ♥


Thursday, September 16, 2010

REVIEW: L'oreal Total Repair Shampoo

L'oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo bottleL'oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo description

The product: L'oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo
Price: Around 130-140pesos for the small bottle (180mL)
Rating: 7.5/10
Where I bought it: SM Hypermarket Pasig
(+): My hair feels soft and smooth after shampooing, even without using a conditioner. Lathers well and rinses easily. I find the smell okay, nothing special.
(-): Using it for consecutive days made my hair feel rather heavy. Continuous usage also gave me slight dandruff. Had the same experience with another variant of this shampoo brand actually (L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition with Royal Jelly).

Curiosity got the best of me when I saw this shampoo so even if I already had a so-so experience with another variant of the same brand, I still gave this one a try with the hopes of it being better.

Using the shampoo alone made my hair softer and smoother, and yeah, my hair felt nourished. :) I liked using it during days when I didn't have time to use a conditioner. Like what I stated above though, using it continuously made my hair feel heavy and gave me dandruff. What I did was use it interchangeably with another shampoo brand and with an anti-dandruff shampoo. I can't really say if it did make my hair stronger because I used it with other shampoos and because I think I still have the same amount of daily hair fall. Luckily I still don't have major problems with split-ends. I'm almost done with the whole bottle now; I think I only have enough left for one shower. :)

*I used to see a few of my hair strands with split ends (even before I used this shampoo) but I think it's because of hair breakage due to tying up my hair and pulling on the elastics rather harshly. I cut those ends when I saw 'em. Hahaha.

I will not be repurchasing soon after I finish this up. I would like to try other shampoos to see what would be best for my hair and well I also just like trying out new stuff. ;)

This is my personal experience with this product. This shampoo might work really well for you so if you've tried other L'oreal hair products and are fine with them, adding this to your bath products would be good. If you have problems with dandruff but still want to use this, I suggest using it alternately with an anti-dandruff shampoo. :)

I rated it with a 7.5/10 because of the heavy feeling and dandruff. If it didn't give me dandruff though I'd be rating it with a 9.

***I've been very busy with school recently so I wasn't able to post any reviews. I have several products for review in mind already so do watch out for those. ♥


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bottled Tea: Antioxidants Barely There

Bottled Tea: Antioxidants Barely There

This is an interesting read. I've grown to love drinking tea (milk tea!!!♥) and from time to time I drink bottled tea too. This article goes to show that we can't really trust advertisements. Let's just stick to good old tea leaves or tea bags--cheaper and healthier! :)