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Before writing about a product, I make sure to use and test them out myself for a certain period of time I deem necessary to formulate my thoughts on them. In that regard, your results may vary from mine. Please practice due diligence in trying out skincare and makeup products. Please do a patch test* before using new products all over your face and/or body. I am not liable for any adverse reactions that you may encounter from using a product reviewed in my blog. I also do my own research about the products I write about and their ingredients. Any book, journal article, website or blog I've lifted any information from will be linked and/or mentioned at the end of my post.

DISCLOSURE: All the products reviewed in this blog are purchased by me unless otherwise specified.  I am open to receiving products for me to try out and review. I will use, test and review any product given to me as I would any product I bought on my own. Any press samples or sponsored posts will always be tagged and identified as such. My reviews will always reflect my honest thoughts and experience in using a product. I will not accept payment in exchange for a review.

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*Patch test: apply a small amount of product on a patch of skin (inner forearm, behind the ear, neck, jawline, etc.) and observe for any allergic or negative reaction. This is to minimize any possible full blown allergic reaction or breakout on the face or body.