Friday, July 24, 2015

Review: Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream and Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream

*Updated 9/10/2015 to include additional prices*
Identifying Information
Product name: Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream and Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream; 
*From what I've seen online, Leivy and Ivy seem to be different lines of shower cream by the same manufacturer. Websites still display both lines so I suppose that they both still exist and one is not a replacement of the other. Ivy has a variant with goat's milk too and Leivy has one with papaya and licorice.
Price: Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream 250mL - PhP 99.00 [500mL bottle - PhP 170.00 and 450mL refill - PhP 150.00]
Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream 1L - PhP 199.00 (I got it on sale for PhP 169.00)
Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream
  • with purified goat's milk and milk protein
  • lightens skin tone
  • double moisturising for very dry skin
  • From the Ivy website:
    • Ideal for very dry skin.
    • Mild and gentle formulation with double moisturising effect to restore and retain moisture to body.
    • Rich with vitamin A, B and E, protein, minerals and fatty acids.
    • Also contains sodium caseinate and lactic acid.
Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream
  • with papaya extract, licorice extract, Nanowhite and Moist 24
  • 24 hour moisturising
  • smoothing and brightening
  • for fairer and softer skin
  • Copied word for word from the description at the back of the bottle:
    • "Papaya has always been known to clean the skin and act as a natural and gentle peeling agent, thus making the skin smoother and softer."
    • "A gentle shower cream formulated with Papaya Extract and Licorice Extract that leave skin visible refreshed, with a radiant glow. Papain--the enzyme that promote elimination of dead skin cells. Licorice Extract is plant substance with proven skin brightening functions."
    • "Nanowhite is a combination of brightening and anti-oxidant ingredients. Nanowhite contains Arbutin from bearberry leaves that brightens skin tone and helps against pigmentation disorder. Nanowhite also contains glutathione, which is a strong anti-oxidant to protect your skin from harsh environment. Its vitamin that anti-oxidant, anti-aging and brightening proterties as well."
Product Origin: Malaysia
Where I bought it: Watsons, SM Supercenter Pasig
*I went to SM Supercenter/Hypermarket Pasig earlier and I saw the Leivy shower creams on display. They were in a different packaging compared to the one I have and they were more expensive too. If I remember correctly, they were priced at PhP 239.00 (or was it PhP 289.00? Hmm.) for the 1L bottles. The different kinds I saw were the Simply Nourishing Shower Cream with Royal Jelly and Honey; Double Moisturising, Brightening and Firming Shower Cream Enriched with Goat's Milk, Papaya and Licorice; and the Brightening Shower Cream with Papaya Enzyme and Licorice Extract. These products are locally distributed by a company named Genson Distribution, Inc. For more information on the products, visit their website.
History: I bought the Leivy goat's milk shower cream back in February 2015 and I purchased the Ivy papaya shower cream last month, June 2015.

Physical Examination:
Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream bottle frontLeivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream bottle back
Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream bottle back
Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream bottle
Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream pump
Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream description
Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream ingredients
Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream manufacturing and best before dates
Salient Features
Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream
  • Moisturizing
    • My skin feels smooth and soft right after use. I bought it specifically for this and I'm happy to say that it works! I'm sure there may be other shower creams that are more moisturizing than this but for the price, this is good. I don't find the urgent need to apply lotion on my legs immediately after showering using this.
  • Scented but does not trigger my allergic rhinitis
    • I'm not so good at describing or deciphering scents but I believe it smells like baby powder. The scent is mild and pleasant and it does not irritate my nose unlike other body washes.
  • Only a small amount is needed for a good lather
  • Affordable
  • No signs of any form of skin irritation after use
  • Rinses off easily
  • The bottle it comes in is sturdy. The snap on top isn't flimsy but at the same time is not hard to open. Have you tried opening tough snap on closures? I hate those because they hurt my fingers!
  • Refill packs are available for purchase
Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream
  • Smells like papaya
    • I got curious as to how it smells and surprisingly it smells nice!
    • Also does not irritate my nose
  • Affordable
  • Does not cause any adverse skin reaction
  • Rinses off easily
  • The bottle is also sturdy. It comes with a pump that works well.
Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream
  • It claims to lighten skin tone but I didn't notice any lightening effect while using this. I didn't purchase it to lighten my skin tone though so I really didn't expect it to deliver in that regard.
  • The scent doesn't last on the skin. I feel like the scent rinses off with the lather. Hmm, but then again that could be good so it won't cause any allergies. :)
  • The moisturizing feeling/effect does not last for a long time especially if you're staying in an air-conditioned room. It's better to still use lotion/moisturizer afterwards but at least I don't feel like it strips my skin of moisture after a shower.
Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream
  • Instead of moisturizing my skin, it leaves my skin feeling dry. It goes without saying that this was disappointing for me. :(
  • It has a lot of claims about skin brightening however I haven't noticed any brightening or lightening effects on my skin. I do have relatively light skin to begin with so I may not be the best person to judge it in this aspect.
  • Scent also does not last on the skin
  • I seem to need a lot more of this shower cream than the goat's milk one to produce the amount of lather that I want.
8/10 for the Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream 
5/10 for the Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream

Discussion: During the cooler months here in the Philippines, the skin on my arms and legs tend to get dry. Using regular bath soaps or body washes at this time seem to make my skin drier. I'm not fond of putting on lotion (although I'd like to make it a habit now!) because it takes up time in that I need to apply it and wait for it to dry before putting on my clothes. This was a hassle for me especially when I was working as an intern in the hospital. I didn't have much time during the mornings so I figured I'd just look for a moisturizing body wash instead. I tried several moisturizing soaps and body washes but they didn't satisfy me. One day while I was looking at the products displayed at Watsons, I saw this Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream. I wasn't familiar with the brand or the product but it was affordable and the packaging looked nice so I decided to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was so when I saw the Papaya variant after a few months, I got curious as to how it compares to the Double Moisturising shower cream.

Prognosis: The Leivy Naturally Double Moisturising Shower Cream is a candidate for repurchase but I'm still on the lookout for an affordable, more moisturizing body wash. I'm certain that I won't repurchase the Ivy Naturale Brightening Shower Cream because it leaves my skin feeling more dry than it was prior to showering. I actually kind of regret getting a big bottle of it.

All that I have written in this review is based on my own experience. The effects of the products mentioned may be different on other people. If you want to try these shower creams, I suggest getting a small bottle first or maybe getting them when they're on sale. :) 

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  1. For me, I really like the Leivy moisturizing milk. It makes my skin smooth and whiter. It's kinda cheap compared to other shower cream that you can find at Watsons or Mercury drug. I bought one at ( I've been using it for two months and the result was amazing. Does the Leivy have a product for cosmetics?

    1. It's good to know that it makes your skin smooth and whiter. And I agree, it's really affordable. I actually repurchased it! I got a bigger bottle and a refill too because it was on sale! :) I've never seen any makeup product under the Leivy brand though. I looked at the website of Ivy Beauty Corporation and they seem to have face products as well. Maybe someday they'll be available here too. :)

  2. wao planning to buy this one talaga. It's priced Php 289 for 1L. not bad na :D

    1. Thanks for that piece of information :) True, it's really not bad for a body wash. Smells nice, cleanses well, doesn't dry the skin. Sulit yung Leivy! :)

  3. True, it's not costly. So I bought another, yong 1000 ml actually lagpas yata 1000ml.. I work kc sa Mall of Asia and Robinsons Galleria. Naconfuse lang ako kc sa supermarket in Robinsons Galleria, 330 something sya. While sa Mall of Asia Hypermarket 280 something.. Magkaiba pa sila ng lalagyan. The cheaper one has a sticker saying its genuine but it's bottle is not like the one I first bought. Wala ung picture ng goat. The other one naman na mas mahal is the bigger version ng binili ko before. So I googled to find out if there are fake Leivy shower creams and what it looked like. Pero Wala akong nakitang post about fake Leivy. Btw, I bought the cheaper one. Trusting that it came from the international aisle of SM hypermarket and has the sticker that says it's genuine. Although I was second-guessing kasi I had this notion na kapag original e mas mahal kesa fake.. When I search for Leivy shower cream images. They don't show the one I had bought.

    1. Hello! Sa SM Hypermarket (Pasig) ko rin nakita yung Leivy na 1000mL and it costs PhP 289.00. I can't remember exactly kung sa Watsons sa same SM Hypermarket na yun meron nung 1000mL kasi yung binili ko dun yung 250mL, 500mL tsaka yung refill na 450mL. :) Binebenta rin sa yung Leivy body wash at PhP 330.00 yung presyo nila dun. I'm now really wondering why there is such a big difference in the pricing.

      The distributor of Leivy and Ivy products here in the PH is Genson Distribution, Inc. Yung mga Leivy products ko may naka-print na batch number, manufacturing & expiration date, distributor, etc. (see the 3rd photo above) May pictures ng Leivy and Ivy products sa website ng Genson ( kaya lang under maintenance yung website nila ngayon. :(

      I checked the refill that I have and it has a sticker with Genson's details in it. I thought of giving them a call but unfortunately it's now 7PM here so it's way past office hours, tapos magweekend na. Here's their telephone number in case you want to give them a call: Tel No. 421-7584 and Telefax 911-2981 :)

    2. I saw their email address in their website so I'll send them an email now to ask them about the difference in packaging. :)

  4. Please allow me to share this review.
    Thank you

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