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Review: Dove Beauty Moisture Creamy Lather Facial Wash

Dove Beauty Moisture Creamy Lather Facial Wash bottle
The product: Dove Beauty Moisture Creamy Lather Facial Wash
Price: 395pesos
Rating: 9/10
Where I bought it: Watsons, SM Supercenter Pasig
  • Lathers well
  • Rinses off easily
  • Cleanses skin thoroughly
  • Not very drying on the skin
  • Has a light, pleasant floral scent which doesn't trigger my allergic rhinitis
  • Does not cause redness or itchiness
  • Does not cause me to break out (may even actually be helping keep my skin clear)
  • A small amount goes a long way!
  • The pump works well. It is easy to press/push and the amount of product expressed from the pump is controllable. There is also a lock included which prevents accidental presses.
  • Rather expensive for a drugstore brand facial wash
  • Limited availability--I've only seen this in Watsons. It's not available in the supermarkets I've been to whereas other Dove facial washes are displayed there.
  • It comes in a big bottle so it may not be travel-friendly as it will take a bigger space than other facial washes.
This is currently my favorite facial wash! It's a bubble/foam type of facial wash which is the first of its kind that I have tried. The product is in liquid form while inside the bottle but once the pump is pressed foam/bubbles come out. I find it fun and easy to use! I like facial washes that lather well because I feel that they clean my skin better (I have oily skin and I don't like my skin to still feel oily even after washing.) and this product is a perfect example of that.

The bubble/foam is rich and feels smooth on my skin. I actually have another brand of foam/bubble facial wash whose foam is too light and airy that I need to express more product to use on my face. For this product, I only need about half a pump to one pump and that's enough to rid my skin of excess oil and dirt. Usually I do two half pumps instead of one full pump so I can easily control the amount that comes out.
Dove Beauty Moisture Creamy Lather Facial Wash foam
This Dove lather facial wash comes in two variants:
  • Dove Beauty Moisture Creamy Lather Facial Wash (the title of this entry!)
Dove Beauty Moisture Creamy Lather Facial Wash bottle
Dove Beauty Moisture Creamy Lather Facial Wash description and ingredients
  • Dove Go Fresh Fresh Lather Facial Wash (No, the presence two Fresh's there isn't a typographical error heehee)
Dove Go Fresh Fresh Lather Facial Wash bottle
Dove Go Fresh Fresh Lather Facial Wash description and ingredients

The first bottle I bought was the Go Fresh one since it is made for oily skin. It has a light citrus scent thanks to its mandarin orange oil content. Prior to using this I thought the scent would irritate my nose since I'm sensitive when it comes to strong odors; I was pleasantly surprised that this did not cause any reaction. I was very satisfied with my purchase that I bought another bottle upon using it all up. I ended up buying the Beauty Moisture variant because I got curious as to how it would compare to this orange one. I read the ingredients list and discovered that they have exactly the same content. Looking at their labels though, Beauty Moisture claims to have 1/4 moisturizing essence while Go Fresh claims to have mandarin orange oil, as I've already stated, as well as 1/4 hydrating lotion. Aside from the difference in their scents, I noticed that the foam of Beauty Moisture felt slightly creamier on the skin compared to Go Fresh. When it comes to everything else, they are equal. You may click on the photos above to read the product descriptions. ;)

Both of these variants do not make my face feel dry and tight right after washing which is very good. After several minutes though, my skin begins to feel a little dry if I don't use any moisturizer. But still, it is more moisturizing compared to the other facial washes I've used that also lather well. I have not tried using it to remove makeup from my face because I use makeup remover wipes prior to washing. What I have tried is using an oil-based makeup remover which left my face oilier than normal and this did a good job of removing that.
The last time I used a Dove facial wash was back in college and I wasn't really a fan of that. I haven't been able to try their newer releases though aside from this. Honestly I was hesitant to purchase this product at first because I found it very expensive compared to the other available Dove products on the market or to other facial washes I'm used to. I believe what sets it apart though is that this is made in Japan and I have this notion that products from Japan are more expensive than others, hahaha. I'm not so sure where the other Dove facial washes are made but if my memory serves me right they aren't made in Japan like this one. (If I am mistaken or if you know anything about this, please feel free to post a comment so I can correct my statement. Thanks!) Also, based on blogs that I've read, it seems that Japanese makeup and skin care products are of excellent quality.
Whew, this is turning out to be one long entry! I must conclude this soon! O__O
I'm glad I bought this despite it not being (student) budget friendly because I discovered one amazing product! Because I only need a little amount each time I wash my face, this 150mL bottle lasts me a long time! It may not have whitening or exfoliating ingredients but it does what it claims to do. If you're in search of a new facial wash, I hope you give this product a try because it's really good and I truly believe it deserves so much love. ;)
***This is in no way a company-sponsored post. I bought this with my parents' money LOL. I could only wish for a company to give me free products! HAHA :))

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