Sunday, September 6, 2015

Review: Holika Holika Waterdrop Tint Stick in 01 Waterdrop Cherry

Identifying Information
Product name: Holika Holika Waterdrop Tint Stick in 01 Waterdrop Cherry
Price: PhP 435.00 (I got it at 20% off so I only paid PhP 348.00)
Description: Water-based formula provides melting application on lips with cool texture. Provides non-sticky, clear, vivid and bright color on lips. (Korea Department Store website)
Product Origin: Korea
Where I bought it: SM Megamall Department Store
History: I got this about two weeks ago. I dropped by the department store to go look at another brand's lip tint but it was out of stock so I went to Holika Holika and swatched some of their stuff on my hand. Lip products are my weakness so, yeah, I ended up getting this. :)) 

Physical Examination:
Holika Holika Waterdrop Tint Stick in 01 Waterdrop Cherry
Holika Holika Waterdrop Tint Stick in 01 Waterdrop Cherry with the cap off

Holika Holika Waterdrop Tint Stick in 01 Waterdrop Cherry
Holika Holika Waterdrop Tint Stick in 01 Waterdrop Cherry hand swatches
Left: 2 swipes, Right: 1 swipe
Holika Holika Waterdrop Tint Stick in 01 Waterdrop Cherry bare lips
Uhh, bare lips. 
Holika Holika Waterdrop Tint Stick in 01 Waterdrop Cherry lip swatch
With the waterdrop tint stick on! :D
Major Ingredients: Collagen, peach extract, mango extract, apple extract (taken from the Korea Department Store website - the other minor ingredients weren't listed)

Salient Features
  • Gives a unique sensation on the lips - it feels wet while you're applying it!
    • It's as if there are water droplets on the stick and you're applying them on your lips. Exactly like the product's name!
  • Natural looking color
    • The color isn't overpowering or too bold. It just gives the right amount of color to make the lips look pretty.
  • Not sticky
  • Doesn't smear
  • Doesn't transfer once it sets
  • No weird taste
  • Has a mild, artificial scent which quickly dissipates and is non-irritating
    • Doesn't smell like cherries to me but I'm not really good at deciphering scents :D
  • Long lasting (at least 6-7 hours with eating and drinking) and waterproof
    • I had pizza, pasta, chicken wings and soda with this on (haha wow that was A LOT T___T). I left the restaurant still with a good amount of color on my lips!
  • Comes in a lipstick style packaging so it's easy to put in a makeup pouch or bag 
    • It's a bit longer than a regular lipstick.
  • Has 5 shades available: 01 Waterdrop Cherry, 02 Waterdrop Pomegranate, 03 Waterdrop Orange, 04 Waterdrop Strawberry and 05 Waterdrop Grape
    • Easily accessible to me now! :D They are currently expanding so we will definitely see more stores in the future!
    • You can also order their items online and have them shipped to you.
  • Relatively affordable
    • Other brands may have items similar to this but this one I believe is one of the more affordable options. 
  • Not moisturizing
    • I find that if I use this with my lips in a good condition i.e. well moisturized, this won't feel drying on the lips. If my lips were feeling dry though this would exacerbate the dryness. Applying a lip balm on top of it won't be a problem because there's no transfer even on my clear lip balms. :) 
    • To keep it from drying my lips, I would also sometimes apply a lip balm before doing my makeup. When it's time to prettify my lips, I wipe off the lip balm then apply this. :)
  • The twist mechanism seems to have conked out on me.
    • I twisted it up to get more of the product out to apply on my lips but now it won't go down anymore. :( Good thing only a little bit is sticking out!
Impression/Rating: 9/10

Discussion: I believe I've discussed the product extensively in the points I've stated above so I'll just talk about my experience in shopping at Holika Holika SM Megamall. :) The sales assistants were friendly, courteous and not overbearing. I really appreciated this! They also gave me a sample which surprised me because I rarely (almost never, actually) receive samples when I shop at the department store. I only recall one brand in the department store that was very generous in giving me samples.

I remember buying a lot of stuff in the Holika Holika store in Lotte World back in 2011. Ah, that was so long ago but it was so fun that I can't forget about it. :)) I'm extremely happy that Holika Holika is now at SM Megamall. They offer affordable products that are of good quality and I plan on buying more from them in the future. 
Taken at home, after the huge meal I had. My lips are still red!
Prognosis: This lip tint is a welcome addition to my collection. It has a unique texture/feel that makes applying it enjoyable for me. The color looks natural and simple (but very pretty!) that I sometimes use this even when I'm just at home. I actually just put some on while typing this. ;) It 's a great lip tint in stick form and I love it! I'm tempted to try out another color, perhaps the 05 Waterdrop Grape, but I need to restrain myself because I have too much lip products at present. >.< 

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