Monday, February 7, 2011

REVIEW: IN2IT Make up Remover

IN2IT Makeup Remover bottles
IN2IT Makeup Remover description and price
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The product: IN2IT make up remover
Price: 199.75pesos
Rating: 9/10
Where I bought it: SM Megamall Department Store
(+): removes light to moderate makeup effortlessly, doesn't leave any oily residue, leaves skin soft and smooth, smells nice, easy to use, no allergic reactions, non-acnegenic (didn't cause pimples to form on my face)
(-): a low-viscosity product so you can't apply it directly on your face--you must first apply it on a cotton pad/ball (as is written on the directions) but even in doing that the fluid doesn't get absorbed easily so it tends to drip; can't remove heavy makeup totally in just one wipe, for heavy makeup it would be good to wipe your whole face twice

IN2IT Makeup Remover ingredientsIN2IT Makeup Remover description

I bought a new bottle of this make up remover last week because my first bottle is almost empty. I like using this make up remover because it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily but still my skin feels moisturized after wiping it with this. This makes it easy to wash my face afterwards. Make up removers that leave the face feeling oily make it difficult for me to wash it off--I end up washing my face twice just to remove the oily residue.

This is my make up remover for everyday use. If I use heavy make up then I turn to Pond's cold cream for deep cleansing. I use a different eye and mascara make up remover although IN2IT has an eye make up remover too. I have yet to try that one. :)

I highly recommend this product for quick, gentle and effective make up removal. :)



  1. hi! what should be included in one's make up kit?? i only put on a mascara and sometimes an eyeliner and lipstick. if i put on blush on, i only use loose powder as a base. tama ba yun?

  2. @Roselle Hi Roselle! Sorry for the very delayed reply.

    What your makeup kit should have depends on your needs and wants. If you have dark undereye circles or blemishes you need to cover then it would be good to have a concealer too. :)

    If you need coverage for your skin, it's also nice to use foundation or at least powder foundation. But if you have clear skin then it's okay to just use face powder or whatever you're comfortable with. :)

    Mas maganda yung face powder na non-comedogenic at non-acnegenic, ibigsabihin hindi nakakabara sa pores at nakakapimples. Pero kung hiyang ka naman sa loose powder mo, okay na yan. Konting concealer at blush on lang pwede na pang araw-araw. :)

  3. hey figi!
    ive just check and read on abt ur review on this makeup remover..I have used it for a month...and the good thing abt this is its aloe vera and 90% natural theres nothg to worry abt..
    but I would like to ask u receive any blemishes after one day?coz..Ive noticed that sometimes I have blemishes after the day I cleaned my Im kind of curious either this is the causes or other products..hmmmm thinkg.2..anyway nice to know u figi=)

  4. @miraie

    Hello! I haven't been using this makeup remover regularly now because I've just been staying at home so I don't use makeup. Anyway from what I remember I didn't get blemishes from using this product. If ever I do get pimples, I suppose it's because I stay up very late and because of stress, haha.

    The next time I use this product I will take note of it and update you! :) Nice meeting you!