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Review: Skinfood Let's Fresh Yogurt Cleansing Foam

*Updated with pH level from Skinfood. Information was given by /u/cookiemonster257 at the Asian Beauty subreddit. Thank you very much!*

Identifying Information
Product name: Skinfood Let's Fresh Yogurt Cleansing Foam, 130mL
Price: PhP 385.00 + shipping fee
Description: "A fresh complexion! A rich, milky cleansing foam with the texture of yogurt to remove excessive sebum and keratin for a smoother complexion. Skin is left fresh and clean without a lingering tightness. Yogurt: This mineral and vitamin rich milk product has excellent hydrating properties and has been used as a natural cosmetic ingredient since ancient times." (Skinfood Official Website

Additional description from the Korea Department Store website:
- Cleanser creates a lush foam, gently cleanses the skin and pores of excess sebum, prevents acne and comedones, maintains hydro-lipid barrier.
- It gives the skin smoothness, improves the tone, retains the freshness of the skin
- Milk proteins renew the epidermis and stimulate the growth of new cells, anti-inflammatory effect, lighten the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, strengthen and moisturize dehydrated skin, eliminate the wrinkles, helping to increase the synthesis of collagen.
- Yogurt extract nourishes and contributes to better regeneration of skin cells, retains moisture and gives the skin a healthy appearance.
- Prevents the formation of acne and inflammatory (lesions?). Due to the natural acid content of yogurt, it is able to exfoliate, moisturize and gets antimicrobial properties, smooths wrinkles, restores the pH balance of the skin. 

WOW. Those were such bold claims posted on the Korea Department Store website!
Product Origin: Korea
Where I bought it:
History: I've been using it twice daily for about 2 weeks (13 days to be exact) now.

Physical Examination: 
Skinfood Let's Fresh Yogurt Cleansing Foam bottle
Skinfood Let's Fresh Yogurt Cleansing Foam ingredients and description in Hangul
Ingredients list in Hangul and covered by the manufacturing and expiration dates! 
Main Ingredients: Milk protein extract (1,300mg), Yogurt extract (1,300mg) 

Here's what I can read on the ingredients list. Please excuse my poor Hangul skills. *sigh*
Ingredients: water, myristic acid, glycerin, potassium hydroxide, lauric acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, cocamidopropyl betaine, yogurt extract (1300mg), milk extract (1300mg), —, witch hazel water something, aloe vera something, sodium PCA, PEG-100 stearate, glyceryl stearate, sodium chloride, tetrasodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, fragrance

Official Ingredients List (from the Hwahae app): Water, Myristic Acid, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide, Lauric Acid, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Yogurt Extract, Milk Protein Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water, Sodium PCA, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance

Comparing my ingredient translation and the official list, looks like I actually did a good job translating it on my own! Didn't expect that hahaha :) I was able to go through the Hwahae app thanks to this awesome post by nonsonoquitter!
Skinfood Let's Fresh Yogurt Cleansing Foam
Sealed! The irregular shape of the opening makes the cleansing foam seem like frosting or whipped cream once it comes out.
Skinfood Let's Fresh Yogurt Cleansing Foam
Skinfood Let's Fresh Yogurt Cleansing Foam
Salient Features
  • This lathers well and cleanses my face thoroughly. It's true that it "creates a lush foam." Please refer to the photo above. :) It also rinses off completely. It doesn't leave my face feeling dry or tight but it also doesn't leave it feeling moisturized.  My face just feels clean and smooth afterwards.
  • It has a sort of powdery smell. Um, I'm really bad at describing scents hahaha. The scent isn't very strong though and it doesn't bother me.
  • The cleanser comes in a cute plastic packaging. It looks like a little bottle of Japanese mayonnaise. It's made of soft plastic too, again just like a Japanese mayo bottle, so it takes little effort or pressure to squeeze some product out.
  • The opening is sealed for freshness. The manufacturing and expiration dates are also clearly visible on the bottle.
  • This small bottle will last me a long time because I only need a small amount to wash my face.
  • Has not caused me to breakout or have an allergic reaction
  • A bit pricey for a regular cleansing foam
  • There is no English translation of the ingredients list on the bottle. I tried looking for the ingredients list online but my search came up with zero results. This is why I tried to translate it myself. >.< I found the ingredients list on the Hwahae app! AMAZING APP!
  • Can sting a bit when used on sensitive or irritated skin (more about this on the discussion part)
  • This is not easily available/accessible here in the Philippines. I don't think the local Skinfood shops have this yet but if and when they do, it'll most likely be almost 3 times more expensive.
  • Update: According to /u/cookiemonster257, Skinfood stated that the pH level of this cleanser is around 8.5-9.5. Some people, especially those with sensitive or easily irritated skin, are unable to tolerate cleansers with a pH this high. 
Impression/Rating: 3.4/4
Discussion: During the time I decided to test out this cleanser, my skin was acting up. It felt sensitive and irritated because of the topical acne medication I'm using. I was also beginning to breakout real bad on my forehead because it was nearing my time of the month. Given that I'm using my acne medication regularly, it was so frustrating that it was unable to stop those pimples from coming out. Ugh. Anyway, I felt some stinging on my skin the first few times I used this cleanser. I had to decrease the frequency of applying my topical medication to give my skin time to repair itself. I continued using this cleanser and I've never felt it sting my skin again. On normal, non-irritated skin, this is good—it won't sting at all. I don't think it's good to use on sensitive or irritated skin, but then again YMMV. My skin isn't representative of everyone's skin so this could still be good for you. :) This cleanser has a high pH level so it won't be advisable for people with sensitive, irritated skin or compromised skin barrier to use this as it can further irritate the skin.

There were a lot of things stated in the description of this product posted on the Korea Department Store website but uh, I didn't review this cleanser based on those because I honestly don't think this would eliminate or smooth out wrinkles, or have an anti-inflammatory effect on my skin. I searched and found an article which said that "there is evidence to suggest that milk product consumption may actually be beneficial against systemic inflammation." So right now, if I want the anti-inflammatory effect, I have to drink milk, not use it on my face. It's quite interesting though because I never thought that milk would be anti-inflammatory at all. :)

I mentioned in a previous cleanser review I made that low pH cleansers seem to be quite popular now and there's a *scientific basis to that. I don't know the pH level of this product as I don't have the means to test it but the important thing to me is how my skin feels and how it tolerates this cleanser. I haven't had any problems while using it save for the slight stinging when my skin was irritated. Right now my skin is not flaky; it doesn't feel irritated or compromised in any way even with the continued usage of this cleansing foam. UPDATE: Skinfood  responded to /u/cookiemonster257's question regarding the pH level of this product and it is 8.5-9.5. That is pretty high considering the fact that the skin's normal pH level is about 4-6 with an average of 4.7. I believe this explains why my then irritated skin stung when I used this cleanser. Now that my skin barrier is doing okay, this cleanser has not caused any stinging or burning sensation.  

In the chapter on cleansers in the book Cosmetics and Dermatological Problems and Solutions, it is said that high pH cleansers are able to effectively remove excess sebum but they "can also damage the intercellular lipids in diseased or sensitive skin." It was also stated that the tightness felt after washing the face is "the perception of altered skin pH." Alteration in pH "is not a problem in normal complected individuals but can be a source of concern for people with eczema or atopic dermatitis." Healthy skin is able to rapidly return to its normal acidic pH. TL; DR High pH cleansers are not good for people with sensitive skin or conditions that lead to a compromised skin barrier. On people with normal skin though it won't be problematic. 

Prognosis: I like this Skinfood Let's Fresh Yogurt Cleansing Foam because it does a good job of cleansing my face without leaving it feeling dry or tight. I find the packaging quite adorable too. I will keep using it but I'm not so sure if I'll repurchase it or not. I love my Safeguard Derma Sense for Sensitive Skin and that one is so cheap. I'm also contemplating on trying out the new COSRX low pH cleanser in the future. Brands are always coming out with new cleansers and it's always fun to try out new things. :)) 

*I will discuss more about pH levels and cleansers on my skincare post that's coming soon, I hope.
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  1. To bad the ph is so high. I discovered that my skin hates that tightening feeling and can get sensitive afterwards; I changed now to low ph cleansers and much improvement, no tightening, less redness.

    1. I guess your skin is really sensitive. :o What low pH cleansers are you using? I'm hoping to get my hands on an AB brand one that's affordable :D

  2. That is very high pH! My skin is always irritated so it may be too harsh for me :( I love how it lathers though. Thanks for the review!

    1. Indeed it is! I was surprised to know that it was that high because using it on my normal skin doesn't make my skin feel dry or tight. :o

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