Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A few days ago I was thinking about moving my blog from Blogger but because I am not adept in HTML/Programming/Web Design I opted to stay here. I decided to just keep things simple and just focus on content. ;)

I felt bad that I was unable to update my blog for a long time. Hello, it's already June and I've only had 3 blog entries since January! It's sad, really. >.<

Now I have decided to update my blog more often. The more posts, the more people I'll be able to help decide about purchasing a product or learning about something, right? "Hopefully much more in the future." is written at the top of my blog. I should utilize the things I learn from medical school to help inform others... although writing isn't really one of my strengths. But then again the more I write, the better I should get, right? Hopefully! Haha. I think I'm rambling to myself here. :))

I promise to post another blog entry before this week ends! I bought a new digital camera 2 weeks ago so I hope I'd be able to use it for blogging purposes too. My camera phone does a good job at taking pictures but I believe it's no match for an actual digital camera. ^.^

My classmates and I will be going to Seoul, South Korea this Saturday and we'll be staying there for a week. I AM SO EXCITED! I will definitely blog about it so as to immortalize the memory not only in my brain but in cyberspace too! ♥

Well, that is all for now. Annyeong! v(^__^)v



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