Monday, August 30, 2010

An Introduction

Well hello there!

I have no idea as to how you've come across this new blog of mine but I'm glad and thankful that you're here!


I'm FIGI, a BS Nursing graduate from UST and currently a first year medical student of the Ateneo. I've been very interested in make up and other beauty products since I was in high school but I only got to really explore these things back in college. Oh yeah, I'm planning on becoming a dermatologist someday. Hmm, right now I'm a huge fan of KPOP (BIGBANG and SHINee!) and that led me to try out Korean products too!

Putting up a blog containing my thoughts on different products was something I planned on doing a long time ago but because I didn't have constant/regular internet access when I was in college I didn't push through with the idea.

Why am I starting this blog anyway?

I love "googling" the products that I want. I find review blogs and videos (on youtube) very helpful and informative. These give me the pros and cons of a product I'm interested in and I get to know if a certain product is worth my money or not. The thing is though, everyone has different skin conditions, problems, etc. that's why something that works for you may or may not work for me. :) I'm hoping to be of help to people who are curious about trying out a product and who have more or less the same skin condition as mine. Plus reading several reviews is better than just reading one, right? :) This blog will also remind me of the products that worked or didn't work for me so I don't end up buying 'em again. Sometimes I get so trigger-happy when I'm in the mall soooo, yeah. Hahaha. :)

Seeing that I am still a student, I am (sadly) still dependent on my parents for allowance that's why I only purchase products I deem affordable--those which won't burn holes in my parents' pockets or won't exceed my credit card limit. Heehee.

Thank you for taking time to read this! Will probably post my first review later. Take care and God bless! ^__^



  1. hey figi! good to know you still blog! will pass by here from time to time just like the old times XD

  2. Thank you Chad! :) I stopped blogging a long time ago; only updated my multiply blog once in a while haha. Masaya ako nagblog ako ulit ngayon. Just hope I get to update often. Take care Chad! Thanks again! :D